MJ Sherren

My Kids Love school now!

The day I met Zoe Clements at Zoma Creative was one of the best days of my life!

I knew in my heart I found the perfect place for my kiddies.

My son Jack was diagnosed with ADHD and was put on Ritalin so that the public school could function with him in the class room.

I was 100% against the drugs but my X husband put him on Ritalin without my consent.

My heart broke every day watching my son die slowly inside.

He hated school, he was exhausted all the time, had no appetite, he had outbreaks of violence, depression, and he was not happy.

When I looked in his eyes I could not see his soul. It was a dark, sad, lonely place.

I went to war against his dad, the teachers, physiologist, Doctor, and pediatrician, all who thought it was a good idea for him to be on drugs.

I went to court and won custody of my kiddies Monday to Friday so that I would be in control of what happened at school.

I was the proud mama taking my kiddies to their first day of their new school, so proud that my son was finally drug free.

The teacher and principal knew what the situation was and my wishes for Jack.

2 months later I found out that my X was going to the school and medicating him behind my back and the teacher was in on it.
I was devastated! and the worse part is I had to give him Ritalin because it was more dangerous for jack if we were inconsistent with his medication.

This summer I decided that maybe if I put distance between my kids and there dad it would be to hard for him to medicate him so I moved to Shawnigan lake.

I found the most beautiful farm house on 4 acres and knew it would be the perfect place to raise my kiddies..

I talked to everyone about my situation and searched for help for my son.

I knew that somewhere out there was the answer. I didn’t know where but I knew I couldn’t give up.

Thank god for the cable guy! Who would have known that the Shaw cable guy had the answers..

Like I said, I talked to everyone about my situation so when the cable guy came over I talked his ear off.

He said that his daughter went to home schooling at a farm and I should check it out..

Well now it’s October and both of my kiddies attend Zoma Creative Classroom full time.

They love Zoe and all the teachers and can’t wait to go to their next day at school.

My daughter Mackenzie (12) even looks smarter and is thinking about her career and is super excited about her future and Jack (10).. well

Jack is full of life and happier than I’ve ever seen him!

His three favorite things to say are..
“I’m so happy”,
“Is there school tomorrow”,
and, “I love you so much mommy”!!

I know I made the right choice and found the perfect school for my kiddies..

Thank you Zoe and Mat for the amazing programs you offer at Zoma Creative Learning!

Because of you my kiddies can dream big and reach for the stars!!

Thank you for breaking down the four walls..it’s what our kiddies need.