May 20

We’ve had a whirlwind last two weeks, with our incredible Maker Faire Fundraiser, followed by an out and about action-packed week.

(May 14-18), PBL Students prepared for the Maker Faire by setting up a See it, Try it, Buy it table for their friends (Monday). We looked at the set up of each station, as well as the materials and the gift bags and gave constructive feedback. On Thursday our parents came to try out our Creation Stations, practicing for the big event! We problem solved set up, as well as double checking our materials. We practiced working with customers, and helping people to create our incredible ideas: jewelry, slime, Bloxel characters, wooden puzzles, cardboard creations, yarn kitties, fairy houses and décor, clay creations, and t-shirt transfers!

On Saturday we had our event (photos below), which was really successful in the end. Visitors were so impressed with the kids ability to explain their workshop and the process it took to make the Maker Faire! We are so excited to do this event again in the Fall!

On Wednesday, May 9th we spent the day making signs for the Maker Faire. We also looked at the layout and planned out the cardboard maze! We also made some tissue paper flowers for our moms!

On Friday we set up the cardboard maze! It was really incredible to see it come together and to see the great teamwork. It was a major project and people has SO much fun trying it out on Saturday! We saved the good cardboard for the next maze, and used the scraps for a new garden foundation!

Here are the highlights from the BIG EVENT: Zoma Creative Mini Maker Faire 2018


On Monday we went to Cobble Hill Mountain and shared our highlights and lowlights from the event. It sounds like everyone felt really successful. Most of the kids sold their kits, and they were really proud of that. Others felt really successful at sharing their creativity. There weren’t any lowlights, really!

We also brainstormed about the final PBL Unit: Oceans. It turns out the kids know more about Oceans that I did coming out of my college degree! We are going to have a great time going to the experts and many ocean locals this unit!

At Zoma, we painted fish on Thursday PBL, as well as drawing title pages for the Oceans Unit.

On Tuesday, Theatre students worked on their major scenes, trying to get off script. We are making great progress and looking forward to getting costumes and sets together for our outdoor performance in June.

In the afternoon we finished putting the wheels on the GO Karts and even got a few test runs in. Due to the varying sizes of the wheels we had to figure out how to raise the back up on a few, and how to extend the steering on others. Next week we will test them out on Cobble Hill Mountain!

On Wednesday Nancy helped the kids to create tie-dye shirts. What incredible creations! Some of the kids were so excited they wore them the rest of the week!

In French we “went” to a birthday party and figured out how to sing “Bonne Fete.” IN the afternoon we looked at fruit, how to find in-season produce, and made fruit creations and kabobs. Personal favourites: The Sword and the Kiwi Stone and Fruitman.

In Reading and Math we worked on Division with Math Gnomes. King Equals made an appearance in the story, so of course we spent a good chunk of time making him for our awesome gnome kits. We wrote Thank Yous to all of our incredible sponsors of the Maker Faire: Volume One, Two Hoots, Dinter Nursery, Valley Health & Fitness, Butterfly Gardens, Flying Squirrel, Flush Bath Essentials, That’s My Jam, Sitka Music School, and all the incredible parents of Zoma Creative!

We also counted up the tickets from each table to look at which events were the most successful and thinking about why (popularity, hands-on, display…)

On Friday we finished up a BUSY week with a trip to The Garden Path and Heron Bay. Thank you so much to Guy Harriot for having us and being so incredibly kind. We loved your garden and can’t wait to feast on the bounty from the plant starts when they come.

We had such an incredible time at the beach. We saw everything you could imagine: starfish, mussels, gooeyducks, clams, an eel, minnows, sea cucumber, and some very, very, very odd things:


Phew! Another action-packed adventure for the Homeschool kids at Zoma Creative!

See you Tuesday!

April 21

On Monday PBL students jumped into their Maker Faire planning and exploration last week, choosing topics and exploration centres for the event. Today we started a felt plushies project. At first we learned how to scale up the pattern (1cm=1 inch) on grid paper. We call this style of scaling up “Pirate’s Cove” because the kids have played that “coordinates” game with me and love it. Be sure to ask your kid(s) about how to transfer/scale up a pattern onto their own grid paper.

In the afternoon we started exploring probability in Math with our Arcade math unit. We played Fraction Bingo (spinner), heads or tales (experimental probability) and talked about other types of “chance” games and activities. Students will design their own game for others to play.

In Reading/Writing, Our Penpal project is coming along. We worked on writing our return address, introducing ourselves and starting the letter writing process.

On Tuesday we rehearsed Act II of our comedic Tempest play. We learned about stage directions, stage whispers and asides, and monologues. Next week we complete Act III and then we can get into the fun stuff: costumes, sets and script-free readings!

In the afternoon we headed over to our Zoma workshop to start on the Go Karts. I was really impressed with the team work! We measured the model Go Kart, measured out the pieces for each kart and started to drill them together. Lots of great new skills!

On Wednesday students created mixed media art with canvas drawings and moss. The results were really cool! Nancy divided them into categories: people and animals.

We went on a “pique-nique” in French class, reviewing  action words, as we learning new food words.

In the afternoon we embarked on a very cheesy taste test, with everything from brie and blue cheese to classic cheddar. The cooking challenge was to make a Three Cheese Grilled Cheese, with some pretty stringy results!

On Thursday, PBL students explored and created their specific topics. We have some great stations going! Working with Bloxel to create a video game, creating a giant cardboard maze and mindbender games, a chemistry laboratory,  a physics lab, an art station, cardboard project station, DIY dollhouse furniture and more!

In the afternoon the kids received their new Math Gnomes booklets so that we could practice active reading, problem solving word problems and multiplication strategies. We started a mini assessment booklet as well. Please feel free to check them out to see where your kid(s) are at in Math.

On Friday we headed to the pool for swimming fun, followed by a trip to Dinters to explore Native Plant species. We went to Zoma to look at the invasive English Ivy and got really into pulling it to reclaim our native plant garden space!





May 22-26

Sun, sun sun, here we come!

There are only FOUR more weeks left of our term, can you believe that?! We have an action-packed month ahead:

  • Sunday, May 28th 12-5 Party: Open House and Big Block Party at Valleyview (10 Year Anniversary of Drumroaster!)
  • Tuesday, May 30th 7-9 Meetup: Right-Brain Learning Strategies Info Night (Valleyview location)
  • Sunday, June 4th 12:45 Workshop: Homeschooling: It Takes a Village @ the Homestead Fair (Watson Ave)
  • Tuesday, June 20th 7-9 Various Topics: Mom’s Meet Up (Valleyview location)

We are planning a trip to Science World for June 12th. The Senior Science Class will reserve the first seats, but if you are interested in this fieldtrip, whether you attend on Monday or not, Senior OR Junior, please sign up ASAP. The cost will be $25.00 (depending on how many go!), for transportation and ferry. Entry fee is $18.75-22.00. IMAX is additional $6.00. This is a ONE DAY TRIP. Leaving at 6:00 and returning… late.

On the last day of class, Friday June 23rd, the Theatre Class will be putting on their performance of Frozen. We are going to perform at Zoma Farm, at 5:00pm, followed by a potluck and campover! If you are staying for the campover, bring a tent and bag. If you cannot stay but your child wants to NO PROBLEM. We have a tent for 6 and another for 4, so we will bunk up. On Saturday morning, as per tradition, we will have a breakfast fit for a farmer… they eat more (and better!) than kings, as everyone knows. Did someone say Maple syrup from our trees, yup!

This week Junior Kids had one PBL class. We performed three awesome syphonexperiments, staring with the Truth Serum test. Students asked a question and dropped in the Magic Serum. If it turned red the answer was yes… which means we don’t just have a student with a tail. We have a mermaid AND a dragon in our midst, as well as some future success stories… the vials have spoken!

prussian blueWe looked at the Syphon Coffee Maker as an example of the States of Matter. We worked on our molecule models and then finished up class with an incredible experiment from Svea’s kit: Prussian Blue.

In Reading and Math we started work on our Griffen and Sabine inspired letter stories. They were incredible. My favourite was the one about a person who was writing in the forest about murder! Wow… imagine getting that letter by accident!

When we finish we are hoping Nick Bantock with see our work and come visit us to teach us his incredible skills!



In farm school the students worked on their fairy houses. They are going to be magical!

The kids made the most incredible Batik in Art/Science Class. We made falafels and tzaziki in Cooking Class. Look at how these Master Chefs set up their table!!

set upfalafle

Our play really got going on Friday. We practiced dances, singing and acting using the whole stage. In the afternoon we ran down to the thrift store and got some more costumes together! I am really looking forward to the play next month!

Senior Students hit the road running, literally, again this week. We are getting a reputation on Cobble Hill Mountain! A good one too! Next week the carpentry and mechanics class starts their own version of the go kart. We picked up some old engines and parts and Matteus is thinking about how to put it all together with the kids.


In Math we stared work on Coordinate Planes. I am teaching the kids how to hunt for treasure! And prep for linear graphing and relations. This is a fun unit! We made pop-up settings for our novel study.

Another incredible week! See you Monday (or tomorrow at the Party)