October 21


This week we learned all about electrical circuits in PBL. Students designed the cover of their Operation Game, with sloths, kittens, giraffes and robots. Next we covered the inside with tinfoil, attached a battery, LED light, wire and tweezers and had a game!

We also looked at different types of robots and electricity activities and games. Feel free to take any resources home to play with.

In Reading, we worked on spelling, skimming for information and scanning for unknown words.

In Math we counted up the money from Market, practicing regrouping, coin identification and decimal values (ths). Group B started work on measurement, looking at mm, cm, inch, feet, meter and km. Group A looked at how operations are related to each other, as well as skip counting.


In a new story drama, students had to solve the Solstice-Shenanigan Mystery through teamwork and planning. Their were lots of great questions being asked, and awesome teamwork! Well done!

In Project’s Club, students advanced from 2-D toys to 3-D wooden toys, with moving arms and legs, tails and heads, and even wings! Next they will plan a structure to build.


Nature Adventures took us down to Goldstream. The fish weren’t there spawning yet, probably due to the extremely low waterline, which was a really good conversation in an a of itself. We talked about the work people are doing to physically bring fish to their spawning grounds due to low rainfall and flow. We made really beautiful art with tinfoil and watercolour paper/ink, adding salt for a scientific art effect (try it at home with watercolour paper and ink, sprinkle on sea salt for effect). Oh, and we made the most delicious scones ever!