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Welcome to the Cowichan Valley Homeschool Community.

New to homeschooling? Click on the PDF below for more information. First things first, sign up with a DL Service Provider to gain funds, support and resources.

Blended/ Distance Learning Service Providers (DL)

Blended Learning is the best of both worlds! Whether you are combining online programs with your home learners program, attending community classes and programs, or organizing group fieldtrips and projects, the face of homeschool has really changed over the last decade.

Combine your vision of learning with these amazing programs, places and people!

Where does Zoma Creative come in?

Zoma Creative was created to help families like yourself with everything from planning your school year and meeting Homeschool families to providing art and nature programs, alternative academic and electives classes and tutoring for creative kids! We are not a DL service; we are more like a tutoring centre that provides structures programs, like a rec. centre.

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Click here: Is Homeschooling for You

If you are looking for additional resources, please click on the following links:

Art & Theatre Classes:

  • Zoma Creative
  • Chalkboard Theatre
  • Be Alive in the Hive

Music Classes:

  • Stika Music School
  • Minstrals

Nature Programs:

Nature Centres:

Recreation Centres:

  • Kerry Park
  • Cowichan Aquatic Centre


  • Cowichan Library
  • Mill Bay Library

Support Services

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