Top 10 Reasons to Go to Farm School

Top Ten Reasons to send your kids to Zoma Farm:


  1. Kids will become more comfortable and appreciative of the outdoors. Even in the span of a single week, we see great changes in many of our summer campers’ comfort in the outdoors. We spend 100% of camp time outside, challenging kids to engage with the outdoors in new ways. Whether we’re watching worms turn food scraps into compost or listening to woodpeckers search out an afternoon snack, kids learn to appreciate the many roles that each element of nature plays.


  2. Being on the farm just might change their minds about vegetables.Studies show that when children are directly involved with food production (planting, watering, tending to the crops, and harvesting), they are more likely to try and enjoy their vegetables. When our campers learn where their food comes from, they are able to make the connections back to meals enjoyed at home or at school. Although it might not seem like it, purple carrots exist outside of ZOMA’s Kids’ Farm, and it is fun to discover them in different places, especially on a plate!


  3. Our campers become fast friends.No two days at Oxbow summer camp are alike: there are always opportunities for campers to learn something new and share their strengths with their peers. From creating a 5-star fairy house to playing capture the flag, Oxbow campers have made lasting friendships here on the farm as they share in the one thing they are guaranteed to have in common – playing!


  4. It’s good, ORGANIC fun (but not necessarily clean).It is not an uncommon site to see ZOMA campers using mud and blackberry juice as paint media.


  5. The farm is a screen-free zone.

    Once upon a time, playing outside was every kid’s M.O. Lately, kids are spending more and more time in front of screens, and it’s wreaking havoc on their attention spans, social skills, and physical health. The farm affords children sensory stimulation, opportunities for creativity and risk-taking, a physically active environment and, most importantly, a delightful taste of what the great outdoors has to offer.


  6. A small group setting encourages learning and sharing and kids learn to work together.ZOMA summer campers spend the entire week in a small group with multiple instructors. This structure allows our staff and volunteers to build relationships with individual campers and for our campers to become familiar with each other. Instructors read the group’s dynamic each day to decide which activities will help the group learn and thrive together.


  7. Kids can use their imaginations.ZOMA camp instructors facilitate inquiry and play-based learning. This means we help kids exercise their natural curiosity through games, stories, and other fun activities. Campers make up stories to describe the animal that left the tracks spotted along the trail. Where was that deer going? Was it looking for something? Did it find it? Campers even get journals to use throughout the day to draw maps, make a picture of what their future farm will look like, write a letter to a worm, etc.


  8. ZOMA is a real farm.Zoma is not a theme park experience. We are a real farm growing food to feed thousands of people. Summer campers meet real farmers, see machines in action, and see where their food comes from. It’s an authentic experience they will remember forever.

    IMG_2086There’s no place like ZOMA.

    With the Cobble Hill as a stunning backdrop, Zoma’s property is one-of-a-kind. Adjacent to the Shawnigan/Mill-Bay River, our 3 acres of forest, orchards, and agricultural fields are home to a diverse population of mammals, birds, insects, and native plants. Zoma is a Living Playground were developed for and inspired by kids. Kids love it here; it’s just a fact.IMG_0590.jpg

  9. An added bonus: Your kids will cook for you!
    Veggie baskets, apple pie, scones, jam, homemade tea, bread and so many delicious treats! Each day campers bring home something they have picked from the garden and made fresh in our Inquiry Kitchen!


To Register, email or drop by today!

Summer Camp 2017 Registration

Zoma Farm: 1206 Campbell Road, Cobble Hill

Valleyview Classrooms: #16, 1400-Cowichan Bay Road


Is Zoma Farm a working farm? Is it a safe place for kids?

Each year we produce hundreds of pounds of vegetables for market, CSA and farm gates sales. We have been farming for over 6 years and are dedicated to sustainable, organic, small scale farming practices. Students at Zoma Farm play an authentic role in the day to day activities of farming, through out the year.

Safety is very important to us. Students at Zoma Farm are taught about physical AND emotional safety towards animals and towards each other. This farm is FOR the kids and the experience is educational!


Do you have animals?

We love our animals, and so do the kids!

Meet Marsha, our famous fuzzy bunny and her friends Marshmellow, Batman, Merlin, and Pippin. Batman loves to run around the yard with the kids, and especially loves treats from the garden!

IMG_1330We also have over 60 heritage breed chickens, two roosters and baby chicks.

Zoma Farm also has Nubian goats, which we milk each day. Meet our new babies, Lily and Leo!

We also have lots of wild animals, including frogs, snakes, birds, squirrels, and crayfish!


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