Our NEW Enrich, Awaken and Empower Series is an incredible opportunity for parents to learn how to connect with their children, turn learning into play, and deepen their understanding of the creative right-brain your child has been strengthening since birth and the awakening left-brain now beginning to flourish.
There are 6 sessions in this series, Dec – mid Jan. The fee for each class is $15.00 (includes you and your child). These classes are designed as a series, however, as December is a busy time of the year, we would like to offer flexibility *date change requests possible*.
In our first class we will take parents and children through introductory activities, games and exercises, such as “Eye Play,” “Imagine a Castle” and “Can you Remember.” This class runs for one hour. After our class ends, families are welcome to ask questions, request resources, and connect with families.
We would love for you to SPREAD THE WORD with friends and neighbours! You can find links on our facebook page and website.

Learning SeriesOur annual fundraiser is coming soon! May 12th

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Fall 2017:

Right brained learning talk 2017-12-07-3

zoma_creative_december_campsDecember camp 2017-12-20-3

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TOPIC: Right Brain Kids

December 12th


@Zoma Farm


Upcoming Parent Meet-ups:

When: every third Tuesday of the Month

Time: 7:30-9:00pm

Where: Zoma Farm

Bring: $5.00 donation for food/drinks/resources



Expected Topics (suggestions/requests may change the schedule):


Elementary Overview: curriculum, brains and bodies


Parents as “teachers” and advocates


Academics: the Big Picture

December (second Tuesday of the month):

Right Brain Kids: how creative kids learn


Cutting Curriculum Costs


Learning Disability or Creative Brain?

March (second Tuesday):

Middle School Overview: curriculum, brains and bodies


My Wife wants me to know about Homeschooling: FAQ for Dad


Mixing Learning and Life

June (second Tuesday):

Looking ahead to Highschool




Sunday, May 28th, 2017 @ 1 – 4 PM
1400 Cowichan Bay Rd – #16, Cobble Hill, British Columbia V0R 1L3

Zoma Creative just got even MORE creative! Come check out our new resources, classes, and prizes. Register for classes early, win gift certificates, play games and more!

Right Brain Learning Strategies

Tuesday, May 30th @ 7 – 9 PM
1400 Cowichan Bay Rd – #16, Cobble Hill, British Columbia V0R 1L3

No one brain is built the same. Come find out how a right-brain learning approach might be just what your child needs to succeed!

– helpful resources
– teaching guides for Homeschool Parents
– advocacy booklets for Public/Private School students (your teachers may not know these tricks themselves!)
– hands-on examples

$5.00 donation (covers supplies)

Homeschooling • It takes a Village

Sunday, June 4th @ 12:45 PM
Vancouver Island Homesteading Fair
Cobble Hill Community Hall, 3550 Watson Ave, Cobble Hill, BC ~ Free

Tuesday Mom Meetup

3ed Tuesday of every month @ 7:00 PM
1400 Cowichan Bay Rd – #16, Cobble Hill, British Columbia V0R 1L3
Topics covering tips & tricks for supporting learning, teaching and supporting creative kids. ~ $5 donation