Zoma Creative offers both traditional tutoring for academic support, as well as our incredible Brain Training Program. Find out what the Zoma Method can do for your struggling child.

We specialize in:

  • boosting reading levels
  • improving spelling
  • presenting creative approaches to essay writing
  • increasing retention of math facts and comprehension
  • improving organization
  • understanding the WHY behind projects and class assignments


There are so many new and exciting

Alternative Education

options available for your child!

We offer a range of Blended Schooling Options: from part-time classes (Public School Students) and homeschooling support, progressing at your child’s own pace and rekindling a love of learning.

Check out our classes here.

Learning Assessments available on request. Call for more information, 250-929-5555


Tutoring Rates

(*homework assistance & instruction)

1 Hour                       $40.00         (42.00 with tax)

8 Sessions (10% off)          $288.oo        (302.50 with tax)

Group Tutoring     $50.00/hour


The Zoma Creative Method ™ Brain Training Program:

Do you have a creative and math child who struggles to learn? This incredible Brain Training program is the answer you have been looking for. Empower your child to strengthen their brain using specialized program for right-brain learners.


Reading Program:  $60.00/ hour

Math Program:     $60.00/ hour


Reports       $50.00/ report


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