We teach children through experience and creative projects on our beautiful farm.

Our teachers start with an idea and follow your child’s natural, inquisitive nature down the path of creative learning. Project-Based Learning guides students through English, Math, Science, and History. Then we add our “secret to success:” bunnies!

Real-world, integrative, child-centered learning for Lifelong Learners.

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Teens 11+

Homeschool teens get the best of both worlds at Zoma Creative! Visual, hands-on learning based in the real world; classes are designed to challenge gifted students and build confidence in each child. Whether your teen is looking to meet friends, take their ideas to the next level or put their learning into practice, Zoma Creative… Continue reading Teens 11+


Zoma Creative offers both traditional tutoring for academic support, as well as our incredible Brain Training Program. Find out what the Zoma Method™ can do for your struggling child. We specialize in: boosting reading levels improving spelling presenting creative approaches to essay writing increasing retention of math facts and comprehension improving organization understanding the WHY… Continue reading Tutoring

Kids Classes ages 6-10+

We are a classroom for creative kids!  Our creative classroom teaches kids why they need to learn by combining all the subjects within a project, and by sparking an interest from the ground up! We built a greenhouse in Math Class! In this project, kids learned why we need to measure, calculate square footage and… Continue reading Kids Classes ages 6-10+