Nov 21

Adventures, creativity and confidence!


We’ve been building dams, cable cars, walls and pulleys to explore Engineering in PBL. I loved how well the students worked together, problem-solved and connected to the real world. We lifted a 5lb weight, single cinder block, double cinder block, post pounder… and Levi!

In Reading and Math we looked at Parts of Speech, playing “slap jack” with a focus on nous, verbs, adjectives and verbs. We looked for nouns and verbs in our Math Gnomes stories. The kids LOVE our tongue twisters and have been turning them into pretty entertaining raps. We played “I Spy” to focus on short vowels and spelling, and Letter Construction for those difficult reversed letters.

on Tuesday Alix finished up the beautiful story drama “The Whisper”. Everyone made their very own books, with beautiful covers. What writers we have!

In the afternoon Project’s Club continued to build their clubhouse.


On Friday, in Adventure Club, we went made cinnamon buns before adventuring to Merridale Cidery, sampling the delicious apple juice, hunting down fairy houses, looking at the geology of glacier middens and so much more. This is a beautiful walk to talk in the rain or sun, with so many informational signs to teach you about to local biology. Thank you Merridale!



May 4

This week we prepared for the Maker Faire by creating “kits” that our friends could try for themselves. This involved a lot of problem-solving, team work, and- of course- creativity! We have such an incredible assortment of talent. Each student/team will host a “Creation Station” on May 12th, where they teach people how to make jewelry, build video games, make Mind Bender games, build fairy houses and decor, create their own slime… We will do a trial run on Thursday with parents, to see how it will all be laid out and presented on Saturday.

In Reading we worked on Penpal letters, letter construction, and spelling. Students have been taking turns reading aloud during Math Gnomes, learning new words, like Shepherd, which I realized is literally “sheep herder” shortened… I always wondered about that weird spelling!

In Math we continued with Math Assessments and worked on regrouping to add and subtract, as well as multiplication tricks. On Thursday we continued with Math Gnomes, looking at grouping to multiply and divide, as well as learning key summary skills.

On Tuesday we did a run through of the whole play (on script) to see how long the play should take. Students worked with partners on individual scenes, which is what we will do for the new few weeks, until lines are down. We talked about stage directions and set building, which we will start to design soon.

In the afternoon we worked on Go Karts, working on painting the body, drilling in the steering disk, as well as drilling holes for wheels. We will have a rally soon, once they are tested and painted with lightening strikes! I was really impressed with team work, as well the way each team was planning the next stages of the project.

On Wednesday we had an extended Art class, creating self portraits, and learning to trace work to practice new skills.

In the afternoon we cooked Rice Crispy Squares. Yum!

No Class Friday…


MAKER FAIRE 11-2 next weekend! May 12th Cobble Hill Youth Hall and Stu Armor Hall.


April 21

On Monday PBL students jumped into their Maker Faire planning and exploration last week, choosing topics and exploration centres for the event. Today we started a felt plushies project. At first we learned how to scale up the pattern (1cm=1 inch) on grid paper. We call this style of scaling up “Pirate’s Cove” because the kids have played that “coordinates” game with me and love it. Be sure to ask your kid(s) about how to transfer/scale up a pattern onto their own grid paper.

In the afternoon we started exploring probability in Math with our Arcade math unit. We played Fraction Bingo (spinner), heads or tales (experimental probability) and talked about other types of “chance” games and activities. Students will design their own game for others to play.

In Reading/Writing, Our Penpal project is coming along. We worked on writing our return address, introducing ourselves and starting the letter writing process.

On Tuesday we rehearsed Act II of our comedic Tempest play. We learned about stage directions, stage whispers and asides, and monologues. Next week we complete Act III and then we can get into the fun stuff: costumes, sets and script-free readings!

In the afternoon we headed over to our Zoma workshop to start on the Go Karts. I was really impressed with the team work! We measured the model Go Kart, measured out the pieces for each kart and started to drill them together. Lots of great new skills!

On Wednesday students created mixed media art with canvas drawings and moss. The results were really cool! Nancy divided them into categories: people and animals.

We went on a “pique-nique” in French class, reviewing  action words, as we learning new food words.

In the afternoon we embarked on a very cheesy taste test, with everything from brie and blue cheese to classic cheddar. The cooking challenge was to make a Three Cheese Grilled Cheese, with some pretty stringy results!

On Thursday, PBL students explored and created their specific topics. We have some great stations going! Working with Bloxel to create a video game, creating a giant cardboard maze and mindbender games, a chemistry laboratory,  a physics lab, an art station, cardboard project station, DIY dollhouse furniture and more!

In the afternoon the kids received their new Math Gnomes booklets so that we could practice active reading, problem solving word problems and multiplication strategies. We started a mini assessment booklet as well. Please feel free to check them out to see where your kid(s) are at in Math.

On Friday we headed to the pool for swimming fun, followed by a trip to Dinters to explore Native Plant species. We went to Zoma to look at the invasive English Ivy and got really into pulling it to reclaim our native plant garden space!





April 6

April showers bring May flowers!

In spite of the rain, the kids were so excited to see each other after the break and play outside. They have developed quite the “survival” game at break and lunch!

On Tuesday we read though scenes 1-5 of our Spring play: The Tempest. It was pretty funny! We are learning about lot structure, character development and irony, which is an added bonus. The students worked on their character sketches and costume ideas as well.

In the afternoon we worked on beading projects and a DIY House kit that I picked up in Coombs. It is incredibly complex but the students were really interested in solving the mystery of how to piece together everything.

On Wednesday, the students created several pieces of art to work on Complementary Colours, including flowers, sunsets and clowns… which reflected very directly their feelings about that particular subject!

We worked on question words in French with a comic about catching the bus: C’est quelle heure. I was really impressed that most of the kids wanted to try the big srcipt this work and their own question sentences. We also listened to a funny song: C’est quelle heure chansons (1983).

In cooking we backed Lemon Meringue pies with great results. It was quite the inadvertent science lesson as well!

On Thursday we jumped into our Maker Faire unit. We explored the concept of Maker: art, crafts, DIY, science, engineering, as well as creating a “graffiti mind map” to generate ideas and talent lists. Each student picked their “talent” area and we will begin the design process on Monday.

Please look at the chart below and see if you can come in on a Monday or Thursday as a “mentor” for a student. For example, you are good at carpentry and would (ha, I spelled it wood), like to give a mini lesson on safety or carving or cutting angles… Email me the day you can come in…

In the afternoon we used Math Gnomes to explore multiplication and grouping. We are starting a World War themed math unit, looking at distance, Cartesian planes (mapping), graphing and fractions.

In literacy class we are working on Flat Stanley penpal letters to our new friends in Taiwan.

On Friday we went for a Nature Trek and planted seeds. We also groomed the bunnies and created some egg-tastic art.

March 14

Last week we constructed some incredible Dinosaurs for our Presentation this coming week. We were really interested in finding the centre of gravity to support the dinos that stand up. This led to a discussion about the tails and the density of bones. incredible! We also talked about the food and climate of each period. We looked at which shapes would help us to construct the dinos the best (triangles of course!) and worked on layering the “skin” without compromising the weight of the sculptures.



In Math we really got into multiplication, fractions and ratios. For instance, 1 corn plant can produce 10 ears of corn, so how many do you need to plant to make a profit? How much of the Money Garden is devoted to vertical crops, how many to root veg, etc.


Our new Flat Stanley project is going to send the students to Taiwan! We will exchange penpal letters and photos for our Around the World Penpals project.

On Tuesday we wrote up some of the first amazing scenes for our Spring Play: The Tempest (a modern comedy). Surfers, monsters, emojies… so silly, and so imaginative!

We also worked on more dinos in project’s Club. Including an incredible flying Pterodactyl!

On Friday we went for a hike on Cobble Hill Mountain and placed a top secret Geocache with some amazing butterfly art inside! In the afternoon we created water colour flower and butterfly art.






March 6

Last week we started building our DINO’s. Need I say more!

Brook, our resident Geologist, came to teach us about fossils, minerals and geological time. We got into some pretty old stuff!

In Math we are finding out how much our amazing felt gardens are worth with Money Garden. How much CAN you make per 16 square feet?

In Reading and Writing we are continuing our Letter Writing Project. Pretty soon we wil have each compiled a book with at least three letters, from Thank you cards to Watch Out Behind You cards… Halmark is missing that whole niche…

In Art, students have been creating Illuminated Letters and Shadow Art:

In Theatre we are writing our play: A very comedic Tempest:


In Nature School we went to visit Matrix Marble. We even picked up some 65 million year old souvenirs!

We also went to Butterfly Gardens,

and we tracked animals in the snow… even Dinos!

June 5-9

Zoma Creative

Last Two Weeks Countdown of Events




Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Sr. Students Science World


13 14

Sr. Student

Amazing Race


15 16

*All Day*


Theatre Class

(*if you can stay)


Sr. Science Exhibit



20 21



Jr. Pres of Learning

& Film Screening 11:00


Sr. Go Kart Rally



Frozen Performance


Art Show and Student Displays




I guess I am not sleeping for the next two weeks!







UPDATE June 5-9


This week Junior Students started their research for Around the World. We looked at Flags and copied the country of choice onto grid paper to learn about symmetry. We also looked at recipes from our country and hopefully the kids will be able to make one of them for their Presentations.


In the afternoon we continued our work on 3-digit addition subtraction, multiplication and division. We also worked on our Griffen and Sabine writing, which is looking so good!


On Tuesday we had the biggest turnout ever from Strong Start to tour our farm. Farm School students put their knowledge to the test with the kids. Thanks for the help! In the afternoon we planted seeds and worked on our scrapbooks for the Presentation. We also made carrot muffins.


In art the students finished their batiks. In the afternoon we make meringue and goat cheese. The meringue turned out really well! They are best eaten with a drizzle of cream and fruit J


On Friday we got through half of the play with some pretty humurous moments. We are loving the songs and dances and are really looking forward to the performance.

If you can make it from 9:00am to 3:00 this Friday that would be great. We can get through the whole play with costumes. Next week we will have our FINAL class/ dress rehearsal.