November 4

Happy November! Monday/Thursday This week the students presented their amazing work and innovations during our PBL Dragon Den themed Presentation of Learning. I was very impressed with their clear speaking voices and excellent descriptions of their “products,” especially their enthusiasm about why “they love their product and so will you.” I was especially amazed atContinue reading “November 4”

October 5

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!   Monday PBL: This week we wrapped up our Early Man unit with an amazing Presentation of Learning, complete with cave art, story-telling around the “fire” and looming. I was so impressed with the kids recollection of Malsow’s Hierarchy and how we worked through each stage to creativity! On Thursday we startedContinue reading “October 5”

Sept 25

Autumn is here! Monday: While exploring the taming of Man’s Best Friend in PBL, students realized that making masks of their most revered animal really was a form of prestige. We made incredible masks and looked at cultures around the world and the times of prestige masks they created! In Reading, we worked on ourContinue reading “Sept 25”

Sept 16

Welcome to a new “unschool” year at Zoma Creative! We have started the year with so many adventures and creative projects, new friends, and even a new “cozy room” next to the classroom. Students are busy designing our Naturescape, which is going to be just one more incredible addition to our creative space! Here’s whatContinue reading “Sept 16”

April 21

On Monday PBL students jumped into their Maker Faire planning and exploration last week, choosing topics and exploration centres for the event. Today we started a felt plushies project. At first we learned how to scale up the pattern (1cm=1 inch) on grid paper. We call this style of scaling up “Pirate’s Cove” because theContinue reading “April 21”

Feb 12

Happy Family Day! Dinosaurs invaded our classroom this week! This one is a student-led unit for sure! They know more than me in all my lifetimes combined!! In Math we are working on our Money Garden projects. This week we built square foot gardens, looked at the planting guide per square foot, calculated how manyContinue reading “Feb 12”

January 28 Update

It’s raining and pouring, but we are doing anything but snoring! We have been completing so many cool projects that is it’s hard to keep up! On Monday and Thursday PBL we worked on posters and clay scenes to highlight our African Country research project. We were excited to share what we’ve learned about ourContinue reading “January 28 Update”

Jan 14, 2018

Happy New Year! We have such an incredible year ahead planned! This week we launched Winter PBL with our Africa Unit. Students looked in the Treasure Chest at artifacts, created artistic title pages, and examined every nook and cranny of the African continent. Something we had no idea that Sudan has so many “volcano shields”Continue reading “Jan 14, 2018”