April 21

On Monday PBL students jumped into their Maker Faire planning and exploration last week, choosing topics and exploration centres for the event. Today we started a felt plushies project. At first we learned how to scale up the pattern (1cm=1 inch) on grid paper. We call this style of scaling up “Pirate’s Cove” because theContinue reading “April 21”

Oct 15

PBL: We launched into an exciting Optics unit on Thursday. I was blown away by the depth of the kids’ knowledge about the way light works! We completed title pages and a Light Scavenger Hunt: “Oh, Visible Light… that’s a confusing one because are they talking about when you use your naked eye or whenContinue reading “Oct 15”

Sept 30

Monday/Thursday PBL: Samurai vs. Knights: comparing weapons, armor, reasons for fighting and time period. Newspaper Kimonos and Samurai costumes. Monday/Thursday Reading and Math: architecture project: design, blueprint, layout and perimeter measurements. Letter Personalities/ Construction Serendipity Smith dictation spelling strategies: stamp it out Doodle Listen: drawing the key ideas creative writing workshop: 5 W’s Tuesday NatureContinue reading “Sept 30”