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February 4

Monday/Thursday- PBL: African countries research projects: posters and travel brochures. On Thursday Christina and Josh came with their African artifacts and musical instruments. We played all sorts of amazing songs, experimenting with new sounds and listening to our hearts to find our rhythms. Thank you for the incredible lesson!   In Reading we started our… Continue reading February 4

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January 28 Update

It's raining and pouring, but we are doing anything but snoring! We have been completing so many cool projects that is it's hard to keep up! On Monday and Thursday PBL we worked on posters and clay scenes to highlight our African Country research project. We were excited to share what we've learned about our… Continue reading January 28 Update

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Jan 14, 2018

Happy New Year! We have such an incredible year ahead planned! This week we launched Winter PBL with our Africa Unit. Students looked in the Treasure Chest at artifacts, created artistic title pages, and examined every nook and cranny of the African continent. Something we had no idea that Sudan has so many "volcano shields"… Continue reading Jan 14, 2018

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Nov 26

This is our LAST WEEK of term 1. Please RSVP for our lunchtime potluck this THURSDAY, Nov 30th 12:00. Friends and family invited. Also, please RSVP to attend Right-Brain Learners Workshop on December 12th Parent Meeetup. This week in PBL we painted the outsides of shops and created materials to sell. We talked about our… Continue reading Nov 26

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Nov 13

We started our new PBL Unit: Start a Business, exploring business plans and logos, as well as start up costs. We used place value blocks and guides to create more complicated addition problems, which also introduced multiplication to many students. In Math we continued our Wildlife Centre project, using toy animals to practice graphing and… Continue reading Nov 13