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Nov 26

This is our LAST WEEK of term 1. Please RSVP for our lunchtime potluck this THURSDAY, Nov 30th 12:00. Friends and family invited. Also, please RSVP to attend Right-Brain Learners Workshop on December 12th Parent Meeetup. This week in PBL we painted the outsides of shops and created materials to sell. We talked about our… Continue reading Nov 26

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Nov 13

We started our new PBL Unit: Start a Business, exploring business plans and logos, as well as start up costs. We used place value blocks and guides to create more complicated addition problems, which also introduced multiplication to many students. In Math we continued our Wildlife Centre project, using toy animals to practice graphing and… Continue reading Nov 13

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Nov 5

This week in PBL we wrapped up Optics with a fieldtrip to Cowichan Eyecare Optometrists (thank you!), optical illusion artwork, light mazes (even lifesize!) and a Presentation of Learning. Students impressed us with their awesome knowledge of the way light works, the technology used to examine eyes and create glasses and contacts, as well as… Continue reading Nov 5

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Oct 9

This week we wrapped up our PBL Japan unit with haiku's,  a "Soran Bushi" dance, a taiko drum demonstration, newspaper kimonos and samurai costumes and a presentation of our portfolios. Great work! Next we start "Optics and Light" (Thursday) In Jr. Math we are working on the studs for our house designs before we add… Continue reading Oct 9

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Sept 30

Monday/Thursday PBL: Samurai vs. Knights: comparing weapons, armor, reasons for fighting and time period. Newspaper Kimonos and Samurai costumes. Monday/Thursday Reading and Math: architecture project: design, blueprint, layout and perimeter measurements. Letter Personalities/ Construction Serendipity Smith dictation spelling strategies: stamp it out Doodle Listen: drawing the key ideas creative writing workshop: 5 W's Tuesday Nature… Continue reading Sept 30