Nov 21

Adventures, creativity and confidence!


We’ve been building dams, cable cars, walls and pulleys to explore Engineering in PBL. I loved how well the students worked together, problem-solved and connected to the real world. We lifted a 5lb weight, single cinder block, double cinder block, post pounder… and Levi!

In Reading and Math we looked at Parts of Speech, playing “slap jack” with a focus on nous, verbs, adjectives and verbs. We looked for nouns and verbs in our Math Gnomes stories. The kids LOVE our tongue twisters and have been turning them into pretty entertaining raps. We played “I Spy” to focus on short vowels and spelling, and Letter Construction for those difficult reversed letters.

on Tuesday Alix finished up the beautiful story drama “The Whisper”. Everyone made their very own books, with beautiful covers. What writers we have!

In the afternoon Project’s Club continued to build their clubhouse.


On Friday, in Adventure Club, we went made cinnamon buns before adventuring to Merridale Cidery, sampling the delicious apple juice, hunting down fairy houses, looking at the geology of glacier middens and so much more. This is a beautiful walk to talk in the rain or sun, with so many informational signs to teach you about to local biology. Thank you Merridale!



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