March 6

Last week we started building our DINO’s. Need I say more!

Brook, our resident Geologist, came to teach us about fossils, minerals and geological time. We got into some pretty old stuff!

In Math we are finding out how much our amazing felt gardens are worth with Money Garden. How much CAN you make per 16 square feet?

In Reading and Writing we are continuing our Letter Writing Project. Pretty soon we wil have each compiled a book with at least three letters, from Thank you cards to Watch Out Behind You cards… Halmark is missing that whole niche…

In Art, students have been creating Illuminated Letters and Shadow Art:

In Theatre we are writing our play: A very comedic Tempest:


In Nature School we went to visit Matrix Marble. We even picked up some 65 million year old souvenirs!

We also went to Butterfly Gardens,

and we tracked animals in the snow… even Dinos!

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