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Nov 26

This is our LAST WEEK of term 1. Please RSVP for our lunchtime potluck this THURSDAY, Nov 30th 12:00. Friends and family invited.

Also, please RSVP to attend Right-Brain Learners Workshop on December 12th Parent Meeetup.

This week in PBL we painted the outsides of shops and created materials to sell. We talked about our budgets and expenses, and can’t wait to make some money on the enterprises!

In Reading, we started Term 1 Reflections. Students brainstormed all the exciting activities we embarked on, as well as  fieldtrips, projects and free time play. We will finish term one with mini-assessments and our reflections, which we will present this Thursday.

In Math, students created circle and bar graphs, and mapped the Wildlife Rescue Centre using coordinate work.

On Tuesday we went to Raincoast Aquaponics for a Nature School fieldtrip.We learned about the Nitrogen Cycle and filtration, and how we can mimic nature to create small scale farming systems. We even gave it a try for ourselves!

In Art, tissue paper lanterns transformed into beautiful little people and fairies, as well as an impressive paper craft dragon.

In French students illustrated beautiful “J’aime L’Hiver ” stories.

In Cooking Class we made chewy chocolate chip cookies. They were delicious!

In Theatre we recorded our Polar Express Play using green screen!

In Project’s Club we continued with our plushies project, creating the most adorable foxes!








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