Nov 19

December Creative Camps:

Please sign up for the classes/camps that you are interested so that we can ensure enough supplies. Thank you!  (There is no charge, on the day you usually come as this is part of Term 2 payment. However, if you would like to come for additional days, the rate is $35.00/ day).


This week in PBL we played with coins and bills, exploring how much it will cost to start our business, and how much history there is on our money!

In Math we tried out Math Stations, exploring subtraction and multiplication flashcards, number construction and skill work. In Reading we learned that Tuesday McGillcuddy is about to embark on her first novel… which means flying off into a mysterious land…

On Tuesday Nature School we used our knowledge of water bodies to build bridges. We explored Tress, Suspension and Arch bridges over our river body dioramas. I loved this challenge because there was so much team work, but also because it was incredible to see that the playing card bridges really could hold a brick!

On Wednesday Art students worked on their lanterns for our end of term art show and presentation of learning. Very detailed and delicate work!

In French we started J’aime l’hiver Parce Que… stories, which we will illustrate and write next week. The terms we are working on are “parce que” and aime (+verbs).


In Creative Kitchen, we cooked delicious 4-ingredient dinner, with local sausage, cheese and pasta from Cure and Cowichan Bay Pasta.

On Friday we jumped on the Polar Express, complete with bells and hot chocolate. Theatre students are excited to write a small skit and film it next week.

We had a great Project’s Club, working on our sticking and threading skills. After we had perfected the straight stick we made pin cushions and started our plush foxes.





Published by zomacreative

While I have always looked towards teaching for my profession, it was the two years as I spent in Japan an ESL teacher that convinced me I had found my calling. I enjoy the challenges we face in the classroom—the variety of learning styles, the creative versus the scientific mind—and see the day-to-day impact that teachers have on students’ lives. In my own classroom I try to create a sense of excitement and adventure. I strongly advocate for Multiple Intelligence as a central pedagogy.

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