Oct 21


Jr. PBL students jumped back into optics, creating Light Ray Houses that demonstrate how light transmits and refracts.

In Reading Club students chose their own station activities: Letter Construction, Spelling Workshop, Phonics or Rhyme Time. I loved the encouragement everyone was receiving from their friends, and the growing confidence everyone is showing in taking chances and going with an “I can try” first attitude. Great work!

In Math Club we worked on self-paced measurement tasks. I heard a lot of “Oh I get this now” which was great. We are now really familiar with mm, cm, inch, feet and meter. Next we look at conversions. Theses students are also really strong at estimating. The kids have asked for an animal themed unit next, which will focus on Graphing and Coordinates.


In Nature School we spent the morning at the river. There was a pretty intense survivor game unfolding. If there was a zombie outbreak I know whose side I would be on! IN the afternoon we worked on essay skills (Senior group) through a Crime Scene parallel. Junior students made wooden ornaments and creations.


In French we made grocery lists and headed down to Thrify Foods to find the french translation. We loved coming up with mnemonics to remember like: “crustiest” for chips (croustilles), garlic “eat garlic when your ill/ail”… We also bought the ingredients for our recipes, looking at the french for our baking items.

In art students created colour wheels, invented colours and creations, and finished up their animal drawings. These are such masterpieces!

In Cooking Class we made Carrot Cake. This was our best creation yet. Great team work and delicious results!


In Theatre Class we played “don’t judge me” which is a creative game designed to show people how they can jump to conclusions about people. This led to our trial of the Bark Beetle, where everyone gave evidence and then we voted to give him a second chance with some new rules in place, or to convict him. Guess what: he got a second chance!

In Project’s Club we created tanks, boats, cars and airplanes! Students naturally worked with partners to help and to problem solve. There was so much creativity and encouragement. Really wonderful to experience!






Published by zomacreative

While I have always looked towards teaching for my profession, it was the two years as I spent in Japan an ESL teacher that convinced me I had found my calling. I enjoy the challenges we face in the classroom—the variety of learning styles, the creative versus the scientific mind—and see the day-to-day impact that teachers have on students’ lives. In my own classroom I try to create a sense of excitement and adventure. I strongly advocate for Multiple Intelligence as a central pedagogy.

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