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Oct 9

This week we wrapped up our PBL Japan unit with haiku’s,  a “Soran Bushi” dance, a taiko drum demonstration, newspaper kimonos and samurai costumes and a presentation of our portfolios. Great work!

Next we start “Optics and Light” (Thursday)

In Jr. Math we are working on the studs for our house designs before we add the upper beams. Once our “frame up”is done students will present their plans to the class. We are going to take a trip to Rona to “cost out” our structures! (Monster designs beware!)

In Jr. Reading and Writing, students continued to work on their creative writing project, as well as review spelling words and the tricks for “stamp it out.” We played vowel board games on Monday and finished up our vowel monster work. We practiced “doodle listening” to help us remember key details from stories.

In Sr. Math we looked at the cost of operating a business. Students used the farm as a model, trying to measure sales against the cost of labour, products and overhead. On Tuesday this week they will receive their “earnings” and will also have to pay their bills!


Sr. English students wrote their first or second essays, using a brainstorm, organize ideas and rough essay layout to get started. I am already impressed with their thoughts and excellent writing!

In  Nature School students harvested from the farm in the morning, and continued with their  Body Systems exploration. We dissected a heart, liver and lung and looked at a deer skeleton, doing our best to piece it back together. We added modeling clay to our own skeletons models (just in time for the spookiest month of the year…)

In Art class students worked on sketching animals. Many of the students challenged themselves with shading techniques and made art technique pallets in their books. I was so impressed with their thoughtful work!

We started working on our French plays “La Petite Chapron Rouge.” The kids in each group elected to write their own version of the play, which we will film and show off in a few weeks.

In cooking class students made Rose Pies from apples. This was the second pie they have made this year. The results were fantastic… and tasty!


On Friday Spotlight Theatre kids watched Adventures of a Cardboard box and explored the ways we can expand our imagination. I also gave them the “Stranded on an island” challenge to talk about communication, team work and to reflect on our group roles. It was pretty enlightening!!!



It was hard to tear the kids away from the wooden toys work in Project’s Club! The kids were using hacksaws, drills, their tools kids and … most importantly… imaginations to create some incredible toys!

See you tomorrow!


Parent Meetup October 17th @Zoma Farm 7:30-9:00


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