May 29- June 2

Senior students built an amazing satellite replica, researching the ins and outs all morning before jumping into the details. Rumor has it a space suit is in the works!

In the afternoon they went to Country Grocer to learn about scale, food economy as well as health. Matteus even had them acting out the differences between carbs and sugars. This is one of my favourite Math in the Real World lessons. If you want to teach anything applicable, head to a grocery store!

On Wednesday we had a hands-on day, creating protractors on the carpet to stretch our critical thinking skills on angles, measurement and the concept of lines themselves. This is my favourite type of lesson- and apparently the kids too, because before we knew it 1.5 hours has gone by! We also looked at rotating, translating and reflecting. I may or may not have done quite the dance sequence … for mnemonic purposes…

We worked hard on our spelling, practicing Stamp it Out and spelling by grouping. We also worked on our Book Reports, concentrating on setting and characters.

In the afternoon the students worked on their self portraits, which is easier said than done. It can be hard to think about your strengths, and harder still not to focus on the things you want to change about the way you look. Art turned philosophy!

On Thursday students launched their individual go kart plans. They worked on steering in particular, which seems to be the bane. Their was also some contemplation of how to put an engine on these things. Thank you to Jake’s mom, Jennifer, for telling us about the free ride on lawnmowers. We picked up two and the kids are taking one apart :0

Junior students had a Presentation of Learning on Monday. We tried 3 experiments. The toothpick Magic was cool. Truth Serum seemed to let us down but I’m going to be honest… it DID foretell the weather correctly… so I don’t know. Our third experiment needs a second attempt… to be done at the End of Year Potluck!

FYI Table Salt is NaCl and we needed NaI… no substitute for the real thing… in the mail hopefully!

We made the most amazing Sushi on Wednesday, creating it how I was taught in Japan, complete with fan for the rice and dishes with ingredients. Because sushi parties in Japan are more like Taco Parties, so each person gets to create a roll. I quite liked the Zoma Roll (trademarked).

The Batic and clay sculpture painting was amazing once again. The kids should be able to take these home this week.

On Thursday we jumped into our final PBL unit of the year! Around the World. This Math focused unit concentrates on measurement, time, scale, and graphing. Students chose their countries and started a game of Pirate’s Cove to figure out how to draw the world. I also picked up a ton of books from the Library to work on next week for researching our countries. Our final presentation will … spoiler alert, invite parents to pick up a passport and travel around the world with us!

On Friday we practiced the play, which is coming along. The kids would do well to practice each night, whether songs or lines or dances. We are excited about our innovative use of people as sets. 😉



  • Final chance to sign up for Science World by WEDNESDAY
  • End of school is only THREE weeks (gasp) 23rd of June
  • on that day we have:
    • Performance of Frozen
    • Potluck
    • Campover
  • Summer Camps are filling quickly
  • September Registration is now Open to the Public. Most courses only have 1-3 spots left… If you haven’t confirmed with Allison, do so ASAP!
    • Please note: Prices have gone up in some areas to accommodate the materials needed for the course.




Published by zomacreative

While I have always looked towards teaching for my profession, it was the two years as I spent in Japan an ESL teacher that convinced me I had found my calling. I enjoy the challenges we face in the classroom—the variety of learning styles, the creative versus the scientific mind—and see the day-to-day impact that teachers have on students’ lives. In my own classroom I try to create a sense of excitement and adventure. I strongly advocate for Multiple Intelligence as a central pedagogy.

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