May 14-19

The sun was shinning this week and so were the kids! We climbed trees, snuggled bunnies and chicks, got lots of goat nibbles and then… we got into our projects!

Junior kids worked on “heat as energy“, performing several experiments with flames. Some worked, and some need tweaking. We learning that when things don’t go according to plan in science experiments it is actually exciting, because we can ask lots of questions about variables! Better yet, we get to design an even better experiment from our imaginations!

german christmas toy

In Math and Reading we made our own Fraction Circles our of art foam. This is a great way to introduce protractors and compasses (no age is to young!) and talk about the similarities between a Compass and geometry equipment. Some students challenged themselves to find the angles to create the fractions (ex. 360 divided by 3 = thirds) while others used problem solving by folding the foam to create equal parts. The “aha! Look, quarters are just half of half” is music to a teacher’s ears!!

We also worked on our Parts of Speech work, creating Montessori-style symbols for our sentences. I picked up a game called “Punctuation Buildings” which the kids loved, but it took us a while to figure out how to “play” it. In other words, we all know how to say a sentence that makes sense and has complete “parts” but constructing one from scratch can take more work, especially when we add in adverbs, adjectives and interjections- ouch!wedgwood farm

Farm School students visited a local dairy farm- Wedgwood Farm– to look at where our milk comes from. The kids even saw calves being born, took a hayride, and then came back to Zoma to collect horsetail for a science experiment. Even though it is the Medusa-plant (pull out one, three grow in its place), it is FULL of nutrients that are good for you AND good for the garden. Boiling down the plant and putting it into a spray bottle can be used on everything from cuts and scrapes to natural herbicide. Back in the day people used to use the plant to scour pots. Its natural silica polishes copper and silver!horse tail

In Science and Art we started our work on Fairy Houses. We gathered materials from nature, pulled pinecones apart and discovered that fairies do a lot of work to make their furniture just right! We are going to place them in a special spot, so if you happen to traverse down Campbell Lane… keep your eyes peeled for Fairy Moving Day!

Matteus cooked Quiche with the kids, adding herbs from the garden (eggs from the chickens of course!). It was so delicious! Not to mention is artwork for the cookbooks was amazing!

On Friday we wrapped up the week by running through the musical, practicing our dance and the first Act. It is going to be an intense 5 weeks (FIVE!!!). I love how naturally the kids worked with each in each scene (esp the love scenes… not awkward AT all… lol). In the afternoon we made our own costumes for the play! The trolls are going to look great!!

Summary: creative week or what!

Senior students:


In science class the kids made a model of a satellite, researching all the different types, as well as the materials they are made from. There are several more projects to complete for the Space Museum that they are creating. I can’t wait to go!

For Math in the Real World the kids finished up their work on the catapult, adjusting the axles to create more specific range. They looked at angles, shapes and power sources. Check out this great NASA link for more info:

In Math we are wrapping up Integers so that we can work on Coordinate Planes and Translations. This will set the foundation for our algebra into unit. One of my favourites! Students are encouraged to create an Integers Game that we can play in class. 

In English we worked on writing dialogue and creating a Book Report. We are going to jump into Career Planning and hopefully do a Shadow by the end of June, so that we can write articles, but also so that we can start to think about the skills we need to learn to get a job (not just the ones we want, but the part-time jobs we get before careers). Students had a hard time thinking of careers, but they also had a hard time knowing what skills are necessary for any given job. I found a short-list to jump start our thinking:

job skills

In Art we started work on our canvases after creating colour wheels with Primary, Secondary AND Tertiary colours. I encouraged the kids to create their own colour and name it. We looked for inspiration in art books; we have Impressionists, Modernists AND Surealist in this class!

In Project’s Club, the Go Kart came closer to perfection. Steering needs some work, break system looking good. Now it is time for the kids to take their skills and apply them towards their own car, which we will race next month!


Have a great long weekend. See you Tuesday!










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While I have always looked towards teaching for my profession, it was the two years as I spent in Japan an ESL teacher that convinced me I had found my calling. I enjoy the challenges we face in the classroom—the variety of learning styles, the creative versus the scientific mind—and see the day-to-day impact that teachers have on students’ lives. In my own classroom I try to create a sense of excitement and adventure. I strongly advocate for Multiple Intelligence as a central pedagogy.

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