Imagine a classroom that celebrates every learner!

Zoma Creative’s secret for student success is the belief that each child possesses a unique set of intelligence or traits. No two children are alike! We believe that there are:

  • mi-iconhands-on, tactile learners
  • artistic, creative learners
  • musical, rhythmic learners
  • naturalist learners
  • logical, mathematics learners
  • interpersonal, conversational learners
  • reflective, interpersonal learners
  • verbal, text-based learners

Within each unit, students have the opportunity to use their primary intelligences to access information and to communicate their understanding. What does this mean? While one student chooses to write an essay, another may create a movie. While one student’s science work produces detailed graphs and charts, another student may translate difficult concepts into layman terms.

Each student deserves a chance to excel.

Why not choose a learning environment that celebrates your Multiple Intelligences every day!

For more information on Multiple Intelligences in action, visit MI in the Everyday Classroom

PDF QUIZ for students:

MI Quiz for kids

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