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Welcome to Zoma Creative!

Creativity, critical thinking, respect and community. These are the foundations of our vision at the Zoma Creative. We believe that learning should take place in a rich and  and grow in community that our lives may contribute to a more thoughtful, caring and hopeful world.

Zoma Creative is a Tutoring/Learning Center. We act as a bridge between the classroom and home learning environment. Zoma Creative primarily serves Cowichan Valley by assisting with the educating children of families who value a “unschooling” education. We help to educate the whole person, nurturing the intellectual, physical and creative potential in each child.

We are a Classroom and urban Farm designed for creative kids.


weve_moved_postcard-r27ac908afd8846ccbb71604fe1bc29a2_vgbaq_8byvr_324Zoma Creative is located at

the Cobble Hill Youth Hall (Watson Ave and Fisher Rd)

this Spring

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Formerly known as The Community Learning Centre and Zoma Farm, homeschool students and public students alike have access to weekly classes ranging from cooking, art and theatre, to Montessori-style math and reading, academic courses with a visual, hands-on learning focus, and so much more!

Zoma Creative was created by teacher Zoë Clement and her husband, Matteus, after years of studying the very best aspects of education. Together they have created a beautiful and grounded space that allows for student-centered, free-thinking, project-based learning… and… delicious food!


Application for Fall 2018 will be open March 31, 2018

Zoma Creative Registration Fall 2018-19

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Zoe transformed my kids

My kids have transformed since attending the junior place based learning program (and various other programs and workshops). It truly is amazing to have such an inspired teacher help our kids develop their curiosity and imagination. Zoma Creative has been an immense support and I am so thankful my boys have this opportunity. The parents, teachers and students are incredible!

Heidi Hunton

Education + Creativity

Zoe combines her genuine passion for helping kids learn (they can tell right away how much she cares) with the latest evidence based practices and has the energy and creativity to put it all into action.

Jacquie Styles